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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life in Phoenix....

Life is in full swing here in Phoenix with the Triplets, Daddy, and Papa.   It seems like we blink and another month has gone by, and several milestones are marked with the kids.   Here are some of our highlights and life events that have happened recently.

Harry watching over the kids

In early February, we had to say goodbye to our second 4-legged child, Harry.   In retrospect, there were lots of signs that he was not doing well.  As a testament to Harry, he worked hard until the very end to continue to be an active member of the household.  Right up until the very end, he was by our side, and warming up to the kids.  We think he knew that he wouldn't be with us much longer, and "talked" to the kids to make sure they would take care of us in person, when he wasn't able to.   On his last day, Sid and I were able to spend several hours with him laying in the sun on our  front lawn watching the world go by.  After a little over a month, we still miss him like crazy, and his passing has left a hole in our  hearts and our household that will not be healed very soon.  Sid and I still think we see him laying in the corner overnight watching us get up to take care of the kids - and I'm sure he is still doing that.   Harry, thank you for your unconditional love and support, and for getting us ready for the kids arrival.  You were the most lovable Dog we have ever known, and have set the bar very high for any pet that might follow you.   You are definitely missed every hour of every day!

February 26, 2012 - Six Month Birthday for the Triplets

Six months... WOW!  Where has the time gone.   So much has happened, we have gone from feeding by milliliters in the NICU, to almost "pints"... OK, maybe not quite, but it seems like it.   From eating once every two hours, to almost 5 hours during they day, and 8+ hours over night, and anywhere between 6-8 ounces.   On the clothing front, it seems almost impossible to keep them in clothes that fit them just right.   We have new outfits just bought that one "Chunky Monkey" (Caitlin) has grown out of even before she wore it - luckily Kelsie is behind her enought that we still get use out of it.   Riley is getting so long, he needs bigger clothes just for the length.   All of the kids are so happy most of the time, laughing, giggling, and enjoying each other, and Daddy and Papa.   We have settled into a routine - several times - each time we get used to one, it changes!  These little Monkees are keeping us on our toes for sure.  

Our Neighbors, Family, and Friends continue to be a blessing.  While I'm sure no one is under the impression that Sid and I are in any danger of starving, lots of people have brought food recently, which is just a god-send, as the kids usually demand play-time in the evening, and dinner is usually anytime after 8pm.  When we have something to dig into in between play-time, it makes it much easier.   Sid's Nephew Mario and his wife Sabrina  have been over helping out overnight on some weekends, and our wonderful friends Carrie and Barry have stepped in several times to babysit and help out.

Time to blog is in short supply, so I apologize for the infrequent updates.  Hopefully as we go forward, some time will open up, and we can continue sharing our Arizona Triplet Tales.   There are lots of things on the horizon, so more exciting news to come in the near future !   Thanks again for stopping by !

Caitlin Marie - February 2012

Kelsie Jeanne - February 2012

Riley Connor - February 2012


  1. It's so good to hear you're surviving. My twins will be here any day now (yep...I've started sleeping by the phone for that call from my surrogate) and it gives me hope I can handle two if you're doing well with three. Sorry to hear about Harry. Pets are such a big part of the family. I'm glad he got to meet your triplets, though. I'm sure that made him happy.

  2. Hey guys! I'm Jeni, a surrogate who followed Heidi's blog from the beginning. I was thrilled to come across your blog!

    I've got tears streaming down my face reading about Harry. So sorry for your loss.

    Those kiddos are just absolutely adorable!

    Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures with us!

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  4. Hi Guys - Congratulations on the new family members. My partner and I have a family similar to yours and were lucky enough to have triplets also. We have a five year old and three two year olds (two girls and boy). It is tiring at times but fun. It does get easier. If you ever have any questions, shoot us an e-mail. Best Regards, Jesse and Eric