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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life in Phoenix....

Life is in full swing here in Phoenix with the Triplets, Daddy, and Papa.   It seems like we blink and another month has gone by, and several milestones are marked with the kids.   Here are some of our highlights and life events that have happened recently.

Harry watching over the kids

In early February, we had to say goodbye to our second 4-legged child, Harry.   In retrospect, there were lots of signs that he was not doing well.  As a testament to Harry, he worked hard until the very end to continue to be an active member of the household.  Right up until the very end, he was by our side, and warming up to the kids.  We think he knew that he wouldn't be with us much longer, and "talked" to the kids to make sure they would take care of us in person, when he wasn't able to.   On his last day, Sid and I were able to spend several hours with him laying in the sun on our  front lawn watching the world go by.  After a little over a month, we still miss him like crazy, and his passing has left a hole in our  hearts and our household that will not be healed very soon.  Sid and I still think we see him laying in the corner overnight watching us get up to take care of the kids - and I'm sure he is still doing that.   Harry, thank you for your unconditional love and support, and for getting us ready for the kids arrival.  You were the most lovable Dog we have ever known, and have set the bar very high for any pet that might follow you.   You are definitely missed every hour of every day!

February 26, 2012 - Six Month Birthday for the Triplets

Six months... WOW!  Where has the time gone.   So much has happened, we have gone from feeding by milliliters in the NICU, to almost "pints"... OK, maybe not quite, but it seems like it.   From eating once every two hours, to almost 5 hours during they day, and 8+ hours over night, and anywhere between 6-8 ounces.   On the clothing front, it seems almost impossible to keep them in clothes that fit them just right.   We have new outfits just bought that one "Chunky Monkey" (Caitlin) has grown out of even before she wore it - luckily Kelsie is behind her enought that we still get use out of it.   Riley is getting so long, he needs bigger clothes just for the length.   All of the kids are so happy most of the time, laughing, giggling, and enjoying each other, and Daddy and Papa.   We have settled into a routine - several times - each time we get used to one, it changes!  These little Monkees are keeping us on our toes for sure.  

Our Neighbors, Family, and Friends continue to be a blessing.  While I'm sure no one is under the impression that Sid and I are in any danger of starving, lots of people have brought food recently, which is just a god-send, as the kids usually demand play-time in the evening, and dinner is usually anytime after 8pm.  When we have something to dig into in between play-time, it makes it much easier.   Sid's Nephew Mario and his wife Sabrina  have been over helping out overnight on some weekends, and our wonderful friends Carrie and Barry have stepped in several times to babysit and help out.

Time to blog is in short supply, so I apologize for the infrequent updates.  Hopefully as we go forward, some time will open up, and we can continue sharing our Arizona Triplet Tales.   There are lots of things on the horizon, so more exciting news to come in the near future !   Thanks again for stopping by !

Caitlin Marie - February 2012

Kelsie Jeanne - February 2012

Riley Connor - February 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

We were nominated for a blog award !

Thank you Paradykes over at for giving us the Liebster Award, we are very humbled. 

The Liebster Blog Award is an award for bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve more recognition.

Liebster is a German word that means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved’, but can also mean‘favorite’. The idea of the award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.
So here are our  picks, and this was not easy due to all of the AMAZING blogs out there!
First, We HAVE to give props to our great surrogate, and master Blogger, Heidi, check her blog out at  We can only hope to be as good as her blog... and one day, maybe we will have the time to give her a run for her money !
We also love,, and so many others... I would love to list, but hark... I hear a crying baby.... or two, eek... or maybe three!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year ... A look backward...

Well, we made it to 2012!  There were a few times over the past few months I wondered who would survive; Sid and I or the kids... yes, it was an either/or proposition more than a few times.  Luckily, Mother Nature really knows what she is doing... just when things looked the darkest, those cute little buggers started smiling, and have hardly stopped!  Just the other day, I came into the nursery in the morning to get the kids up (after they slept all night...YAY!), and little Caitlin didn't see me at first.   As she lazily moved her head over and spotted me, I was watching her.... I actually laughed out loud at her reaction... she did a double take (like "am I dreaming?"), and then broke out into the biggest smile I have seen her have as yet, and started shaking her hands and feet in joy!   I'm sure she was happy to see me, but I think she also probably wanted to get the heck out of the crib also!    Riley has been a little smile monster also, all of a sudden - we can't call him the "Grumpy Old Man" anymore - he is always smiling!   Little Kelsie has had a rough few months - she had some congestion due to underdeveloped/small windpipes, and just when she started to grow out of  that, she started chronic spitting-up... pretty bad.   We no sooner got her on some medication to control that, and she came down with a cold... and promptly shared that with her brother... (I knew that would happen soon, as Kelsie is in the middle in the shared crib, so it was bound to travel both ways).  Even with all of that, our little trooper is powering  through it all, and her smile lights up her whole face.   It's so nice to see  her smile after a few rough obstacles to overcome, we finally feel like she feels up to growing and developing like her siblings, rather than having to focus so hard on trying to feel good. 

Sid and I are hanging in there... like we have a choice!  We had LOTS of family come visit us over the holidays, and they helped a lot.  We also have come to rely on our wonderfuly "Nanny Dani" - Danielle - more and more every day.   After spending several days with the kids all day long over the holidays, I definitely can appreciate what Danielle faces daily...although she can go home at night and sleep through the night, which helps I'm sure.

We are continually surprised by all of the people that ask "do you think you will keep in contact with your surrogate", or people that are surprised when they hear that we are in almost daily contact.   HELL YES, I want to scream... this woman, and her family, sacrificed a lot for us, and we all become very close.  Yes, surrogates are compensated - but YOU try carrying triplets (over 15# of them prior to delivery no less) and then tell us if any compensation is REALLY enough!  So yes, in a nutshell, we hope that Heidi and her family are in our lives for the rest of our lives - and maybe longer if the kids bond and carry on relationships after we are gone.

One of our most difficult challenges these days is trying to get ANYTHING done, especially taking, reviewing, downloading, and posting pictures.  We feel so bad that we haven't done more to "document" these first few months.   However, if a choice between caring for them or documenting their lives, well, of course they come first!   This is why the present that Heidi gave us on New Years day was so special.  She painstakingly reviewed 1,000's of photos and made a video montage with music about our Journey toward parenthood.   It is nothing short of AMAZING !!  Please check out the link below, but be warned, have kleenex handy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All !

Our First Christmas Picture - An Arizona Snow Globe

Well, it looks like I'm a few days late for my "regular monthly post".   I really do mean to post more often, but time seems to be going amazingly fast.   In just over a week, the Arizona Triplets will be 4 MONTHS OLD... amazing!   It's been a whirlwind of activity; most good, but some VERY challenging times as well.  Over all, we continue to be so blessed with happy, healthy children that are growing right on target.   As of this week, Caitlin is in the lead at 13# 14oz,  Riley is just behind at 12# 13oz, and Kelsie is bring up the rear at just about 11# 10oz.    Ms. Caitlin Marie has graduated to diaper size #2.  We've come quite a way from Preemie diapers, trying to get them to eat 30ml through the bottle versus a feeding tube, and waiting for the umbelical cord stump to fall off and heal up.

We are spending the holidays at home, of course.  Our great family are all coming to visit us.  We can't wait to see everyone, but I have to confess, I'm a little nervous about having this many people in our house at the same time, and getting the kids to sleep on a somewhat normal schedule.   Sid keeps telling me that it will all work out, and I'm sure he's right.

The pictures on this post were taken a few weeks ago.  It was actually the first "public" outing in AZ for the kids.  That is, the first time we ventured out in public, without going to the doctor office.  Everything went fairly well - we are getting a "little" better at getting the Triplets dressed, in car seats, and out the door... but it still takes about 45 minutes to an hour.   So, we finally get out the door, down the driveway, and on our way.  We went over to a shopping center not far from the house.   On the drive over, the sky got darker, darker and darker still.... yup... we made it to the parking lot just in time for the rain!   We made it out of the parking lot... and then  people noticed us ... two men with three babies... and the "wow, are those triplets..." comments began.   Everyone was nice,  but I was really wanting to get out of the cold.  At the end of the short visit, all I wanted to do was get back into the heated car.  We were there long enough to take the picture above, buy some stuff and Bath & Body.   The next stop was our friends house, Jane & Cookie, and their puppy, Kirin. 

We are still having good moments and not-so-happy moments, but thats life, right??  Over the past few weeks, all three kids have been smiling from ear-to-ear at the sight of us, and really, thats what it's all about ! 

Caitlin Marie

Kelsie Jeanne

Riley Connor

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are still here ... Very Tired, but Still Here !!

Hi everyone... Yes, the blog is still active (well, in a way)... However, the babies have been so "active", or keeping us active, that time to blog has been all but a dream.   I did notice that my last post was 10/12/11, so posting on 11/13/11, I guess is less than one post a month.   Hopefully things improve for the next month. 

Before the update on the kids, we have to thank our families for all of the help and support.  Even though most of them live in California, we have been fortunate enough to have lots of visitors.  My Mom has been out, Sid's Parents, Sid's Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Nephew,  Sid's (other) Nephew and his wife (gave us our first night off by staying over and watching the babies while we slept...yay!), and in the upcoming weeks my Sister and Niece, and Grandmother will be here to help.   Also, our great neighbors have helped out more than we could have hoped for. 

Everything is going so well, we have to remind ourselves how lucky we are.  We are all enjoying our time together, and getting settled into a great routine.   Our wonderful "Nanny Dani" is doing a great job, and helping to keep things going during the week. 

The Triplet Gang - (L to R) Caitlin, Riley, and Kelsie

So here is what you REALLY want to know...

She is doing great!  The first-born is leading by example.  Actually, she overtook Riley in the weight department at to 10-week checkup.  She is happy and smiles all the time... Her little cheeks have really "blossomed", and we are enjoying giving her lots of kisses.   She is working on laughing.... a few chuckles here and there, so we can't wait until she really lets go with a big belly laugh.   On the flip side, there is some evidence that she will be our "drama-queen" ... she is working hard to manipulate us as much as she can... and I think we are losing the battle (happily so).  

Caitlin working on her smile technique !

Of course we think all of the kids are amazing... but little Kelsie has doubled her weight since birth !!  She is doing awesome, but did get a little tummy upset last week, and it took a few days to bouce back from that.   She is really coming into herself, her cheeks are plumping up, and she no longer fits in any Preemie clothes.   She is sure to give us a run for our money!

Our Little Kelsie-Bug dressed up for Halloween and "chillin" on a Boppy !

Our little Guy is not so little anymore... Like the girls, he is packing on the pounds, and is most likely just at about 10# by now (from 5#4oz at birth), but he is getting LONGER.  He isn't quite as chunky as the girls because of his length.  He is now past the newborn clothes, and well into the 0-3 sizes.  When he was born, we called him the "Grumpy Old Man" because he would wrinkle his forehead and go back to sleep as if to say "leave me alone"!   We are happy to report that Mr. Grumpy is now smiling up a storm and is loving all of the kisses and snuggles he gets from Daddy and Papa.  

Riley-Guy not happy about a flash, but Loving the attention anyway!

Thanks for stopping by again.   Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays to all of our friends and family.  (you know... just in case... )

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The "Dumbo" Post ...

So ever since I can remember, I have had "big" ears... not freakishly huge, just a bit bigger than maybe they should be.  Turns out it was a family thing... My Dad's father should have been able to hear pins drop in the house next door, but it skipped my Dad, and bingo... Maybe Riley has a chance...

Tonight I found out the perfect use for larger ears and earlobes.   After feeding Caitlin, I was holding her, and just having some Daddy time with our little girl (Ok, sounds nice, but really I was just hoping it would tire her out so she would sleep longer tonight... oops, did I just say that out loud?).   She is our little "coo-er", she makes all of these great gurgling baby noises.  As I was holding her, she reached up, and grabbed my "larger-than-life" earlobe... ADORABLE... I'm so wrapped around her little fingers!  Seems my big earlobes are the PERFECT size for her little hands!

Caitlin thinking about how best to keep Daddies up all night... Plotting her scheme...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Night in the Life...

First off, yes, we are still alive to all you faithful blog followers that are wondering when the next installment of the Arizona Triplet Tales might be.   As you can imagine, we've been a bit busy.  By way of real-life example, here is exhibit #1 of why there hasn't been more posts in the last several weeks...

Saturday Night into Sunday Morning...
12:00am -   All quiet on the AZ Triplet front - everyone is sleeping
12:15am -   Riley begins to stir, and wakes up Aaron with noise on the Monitor
12:17am -   Aaron finally gets up...  Puts "binky" back in "binky hole" for Riley
12:18am -   Aaron settles back down to sleep
12:24am -   Riley has another "binky breach"
12:27am -   Aaron sees where this is headed... Maybe he is fussy because he needs a new diaper?
12:30am -   Aaron begins to change Riley's diaper....
12:32am -   Riley decides to have "explosive poop" - when Aaron has the diaper off...
12:33am -   Aaron has sh** all over his hands, and wonders how his is getting out of this mess
12:37am -   3 diapers later, Riley has been changed, and is poop free... Aaron, not so much
12:40am -   Changing table pad cover is swapped out, old one is soaking (of course it was white...)
12:45am -   Aaron decides it might as well be feeding time... 3 bottle prepared with formula
12:50am -   Riley gets fed..
01:15am -   Riley goes back to bed...
01:16am -   Aaron thinks "not so bad... I will go back to bed a while, the girls are quiet"...
01:17am -   Kelsie starts crying...
01:18am -   Kelsie gets changed... just a wet diaper, nice.... Ok, lets feed Kelsie...
01:20am -   Kelsie's feeding is underway... But oddly she isn't eating??  I know she's hungry
01:21am -   Kelsie is pooping in the fresh diaper
01:30am -   Aaron gives up feeding Kelsie - she's only taken 2oz out of 4.. spells trouble for later...
01:31am -   Kelsie goes back to bed, but before putting her down, commences pooping more..
01:32am -   Aaron is not ready to deal with another dirty diaper
01:34am -   Aaron notes that he can hear Sid snoring in the other room
01:35am -   Caitlin's bottle is prepared, and Caitlin gets changed
01:40am -   Caitlin begins eating
02:00am -   Caitlin finishes, and goes back to bed, thankfully goes right to sleep
02:01am -   Time to deal with Kelsie's diaper... yup, theres a definite load to deal with...
02:03am -   Kelsie spits up while being changed... Yes, all over the clean changing pad covers
02:05am -   Aaron gives up, and decides to simply turn the chaning pad cover over
02:07am -   Kelsie is still hungry after spitting up
02:10am -   Feeding Kelsie .... but she has now fallen asleep
02:15am -   Kelsie back to bed...
02:17am -   Cleaning 3 bottles and nipples for the next round of adventures...
02:20am -   Sid still snoring in master bedroom.... Harry the Dalmatian is now joining him
02:21am -   Aaron wonders why Sid and Harry is mocking him?
02:25am -   Aaron gets an idea for a blog entry.... first one in several weeks
02:30am -   Aaron won't be able to sleep until the blog entry is posted... begins to boot up computer...
02:45am -   Why haven't we bought a new computer... seriously, telegram would be faster...
02:50am -    Aaron begins blog entry.... and promptly realizes it is at least 1/2 hour later than he thinks
02:51am -   Oh hell, I'm not changing all of the time entries on this post....
03:21am -   Aaron wonders who will read this after its posted... will be mad if no one comments
03:23am -   Sid still snoring... Harry too... Three babies sleeping .... but for how long??
03:25am -   Aaron posts blog entry...
03:30am -   Aaron goes back to bed, thinking that Sid has a rude awakening around 5am when Aaron is snoring, and not getting out of bed, and all 3 babies are crying...
Authors note:   This is the first time that Sid hasn't been up for a round of feedings, I don't want to give anyone the idea that he isn't pulling his weight in the diaper change/feeding process....  But, at the same time, the Monitor is next to MY side of the bed for a particular reason.... World War 3 starting wouldn't wake Sid up! 

Yawn... Goodnight... (I'm already a few minutes behind)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Home away from Home ...

During our Surrogacy journey, we were matched with a Surrogate from the Sacramento area.  I was very excited, because I am from Northern California, and I felt this might be a good omen.   Although I'm not from the Sacramento area, growing up in  the San Francisco Bay Area for the first 20+ years of my life, I travelled through Sacramento several times, but not enough to know the area well.   One thing that anyone knows, is that one of the most famous hospitals in the Sacramento area, is the Sutter Heath System.   Our surrogate confirmed this, as this is where here children were born.   We were "sure" that our children would wind up being born at a Sutter Hospital..... this was only one of the first things we would be very wrong about during this journey.    It seems that the insurance company we were supposed to be dealing with didn't allow births at Sutter Facilities... where did that leave us then?   Once we knew we would have multiples (Twins, then Triplets, back to Twins... back to Triplets)... we knew it was important to have the babies delivered at a hospital with a good Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) - with Sutter out, that left the UC Davis Medical Center.

At first I was confused...  the city of Davis, where the main campus of UC Davis is located, is south of the Sacramento area.   Quickly I learned that the UC Davis Medical Center was located in downtown Sacramento at the "UC Davis 'Downtown Campus'"... and with that... our plans were set.

Heidi and I had a tour of the medical center in late July - little did we know it then, but that would wind up being less than 4 weeks before the birth of our children.   We had a quick tour of the Birthing Suites (3rd Floor, Davis Tower)... and was directed that if the children had to go into the NIC/U, they would be upstairs on the 5th Floor.   The tour was pretty quick, and the whole area seemed very confusing at the time.

Fast forward to August 20, 2011 - Sid and I stopped by the UCDMC building, and I gave him a quick tour of where to go when the big day came.   We still had no idea we would be back there before the end of the next week... On August 25, 2011 when the call came that Heidi was being admitted to Labor & Delivery, those previous visits really paid off! 

During Heidi's admission process, the NICU team came down to give us an introduction to what to expect during the delivery process.   What really freaked me out was that they began setting up the Infant Warming Bed in the birthing suite that Heidi occupied ... wow!  This was really going to happen!  The Nurses offered Sid and I a quick tour of the NICU - at around 10pm - we were so clueless, of course they were a 24hr operation.  All of the rooms in their NICU are animal themed; we toured through the Lion room, the Zebra Room, and through the halls past several unused rooms (the patient count was low... but about to grow by 3 at least).

Well, as you know, the birth process occurred on Friday August 26, 2011.  Right after the children were delivered via C-Section, they were brought to an outer room of the Operating Room, and this was where Sid and I were able to catch the first glimpse of our Angels.  After the kids were stabalized, assessed, and lightly cleaned, we were all on the move to the NICU. 

The Children were taken directly into the Zebra Room.  This was a new strange area for us to get used to, and we were still dressed in our "Daddy Suits" (see picture in previous post).   Once we arrived, someone told us - diplomatically - that we could get out of those paper suits, thankfully.   We could then get our first close up glimpse of the kids.

All in all, the children were in the Zebra Room for about a week, and then "hopped" over to the Bunny Room.   The Bunny Room was THE place to be, everyone assured us, because most kids were released from there to go home, as ours eventually were.

We can't describe the love, training, compassion, information, and support we received from the staff in the NICU.  From the Doctors (UCDMC is a teaching hospital, so there were LOTS of Doc's), to the Nurses, Nurse Managers, support staff, and Volunteers - everyone was so nice and accomodating to us.  Over all, we spent about 19 days on the NICU ward with our children, and these people came to be our family while we were in the "bubble" of hospital life.

Some notable people that we want to thank - and please, if we left anyone out, our apologies:
Becky, Angie, Roberta, Linda, Christopher, Sue, Monique, Susan, Elizabeth, Christy, Melodie, Valerie, Jane, Janie, Jennifer, Cathy, Joan, Andrea, Desiree, Cathy, Nancy, Amber, Sharon, Christa, Donna, Robin, Antje, Kim, and Arlene ... and many, many others!!

These people cared for our Children and in the process "gently" pushed us into being more active with their care (taking temps, changing diapers, changing clothes, bathing, etc); after all, as great as they were, they weren't going to be following us home to take care of them for us!   These wonderful women and men gave us the confidence to know that we could take care of our children.  Thankfully, the children were healthy and just needed to grow stronger, but in the meantime, we gained some valuable "on the job" training to help prepare us for the trip home.

Thank you isn't enough for all of these people that helped our new family to start.   These people work long hours, and are so dedicated to the patients they serve, and their families, we will always be in-debted to them.   Thanks D-5 Special Nursery Staff !!   We love you !!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

THE "Call" ...

Dear Friends and Followers... So sorry we haven't posted anything recently; as you all probably know, we've been pretty busy.  For those of you that know me, you know that I'm pretty OCD, so it just wouldn't sit  right if I didn't go in somewhat of chronological order. 

The week of 8/22, I was very lucky to have a work assignment that required me to be in the SF Bay area.   This was good because the prior weekend (8/19-8/21), Sid and I planned on packing up the Expedition (see post below of the packed car) - and head up to Sacramento.  The main goal here was to get the Baby Gear, Car, Carseats, etc  to Sacramento for the "upcoming event".   The drive went well; we visited Sid's family on the way (where his Niece announced she is pregnant ... Circle of Life !!).  We made it to Sacramento Saturday by 6pm, and headed over to Heidi & Jeremy's, where they gratiously let Sid cook for them.   Sid made carne asada & pollo (beef and chicken), with help from Jeremy's grilling skills, and along with mexican rice, and canned beans (we were on a short time frame), we had the meat in tortillas taco/burrito style.  Heidi's kids loved it!  We were happy that we could spend time with them, and do something small for all of the work they have had to put into our project - you know, being on the "business end" and all (Heidi with an ever growing belly full of baby). 

Sunday 8/21, Sid flew back to Phoenix from Oakland, and we had a few hours to visit with my Sister and Niece.  My Niece was about to turn 12 on 8/31, so it was great to see her before her b-day, and just before starting 7th grade (wow!).

It was kinda business as usual the week of 8/22 - me on a work trip, and Sid at home.   Until....

On Thursday 8/25, I was trying to work it out to meet Heidi in Sacramento for a doctor visit.   Due to a long string of events (in Heidi's post linked below), the timing didn't work out.   I stayed at work in the Bay Area, and although I really was starving, I didn't go to lunch.  That turned out to be a very good thing...

At around 1pm my cell phone rang.  No big deal, happens pretty frequently.   I looked down... and saw Jeremy was calling.   I think I instantly went into shock!  Everything faded away from my conscious as I answered the phone, already out of breath (maybe holding my breath).   Jeremy informed me that the "routine" Fetal Monitoring appointment turned into a concern, so they sent Heidi to the hospital.    At the sound of the word "hospital" and "labor & Delivery" I think I was half out of the door, ready to drive to Sacramento.   I told Jeremy I would be there ASAP; he cautioned me that it could be noting.   This was the beauty of me being in the Bay Area though; even if it was nothing, I could still come back to the Bay Area and continue the Wait. 

I called Sid... and I'm not too proud to say that at the sound of his voice on the phone, I started bawling like the babies that were possibly on the way.   I told him that I HAD to have him with me; go find a flight, and get your butt here quick!!   Luckily he listened. 

Click the link below to get Heidi's rendition of the story.... (Yes, I'm plagerising, but I need to be efficient now that we are Dad's of Triplets !) ...

As it was throughout this journey, our Birth Story was a bit of a roller coaster.  I was an emotional wreck at the end of the day, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry from happiness, or just get lost in all of the wonder an amazement that had just happened.   In the end, Heidi did an AMAZING job of carrying the Triplets to 33 weeks, 6 days gestation - better than 90% of all Triplet births.   The babies had a bit of a rough first day, but within several hours, things were working as they should be, and the only issues were "normal" Preemie-realated things.  

We are blessed in so many ways.   Great Family, Friends, and now three beautiful children that we INSTANTANEOUSLY fell in love with at first site.    Thanks, one and all, for continuing to follow the "Arizona Triplet Tales" - now the fun is  really about to begin !

More to follow soon with the details about the kids !

Three Amigos Sid, Aaron, Jeremy - Ready for Action

The NICU Team awaiting the delivery ready to "Catch" the Babies

After seeing the arrival of our first Baby - Caitlin Marie, Baby A

With Kelsie Jeanne in the NICU just after delivery - lots of tubes and wires, but things were looking good