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Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are still here ... Very Tired, but Still Here !!

Hi everyone... Yes, the blog is still active (well, in a way)... However, the babies have been so "active", or keeping us active, that time to blog has been all but a dream.   I did notice that my last post was 10/12/11, so posting on 11/13/11, I guess is less than one post a month.   Hopefully things improve for the next month. 

Before the update on the kids, we have to thank our families for all of the help and support.  Even though most of them live in California, we have been fortunate enough to have lots of visitors.  My Mom has been out, Sid's Parents, Sid's Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Nephew,  Sid's (other) Nephew and his wife (gave us our first night off by staying over and watching the babies while we slept...yay!), and in the upcoming weeks my Sister and Niece, and Grandmother will be here to help.   Also, our great neighbors have helped out more than we could have hoped for. 

Everything is going so well, we have to remind ourselves how lucky we are.  We are all enjoying our time together, and getting settled into a great routine.   Our wonderful "Nanny Dani" is doing a great job, and helping to keep things going during the week. 

The Triplet Gang - (L to R) Caitlin, Riley, and Kelsie

So here is what you REALLY want to know...

She is doing great!  The first-born is leading by example.  Actually, she overtook Riley in the weight department at to 10-week checkup.  She is happy and smiles all the time... Her little cheeks have really "blossomed", and we are enjoying giving her lots of kisses.   She is working on laughing.... a few chuckles here and there, so we can't wait until she really lets go with a big belly laugh.   On the flip side, there is some evidence that she will be our "drama-queen" ... she is working hard to manipulate us as much as she can... and I think we are losing the battle (happily so).  

Caitlin working on her smile technique !

Of course we think all of the kids are amazing... but little Kelsie has doubled her weight since birth !!  She is doing awesome, but did get a little tummy upset last week, and it took a few days to bouce back from that.   She is really coming into herself, her cheeks are plumping up, and she no longer fits in any Preemie clothes.   She is sure to give us a run for our money!

Our Little Kelsie-Bug dressed up for Halloween and "chillin" on a Boppy !

Our little Guy is not so little anymore... Like the girls, he is packing on the pounds, and is most likely just at about 10# by now (from 5#4oz at birth), but he is getting LONGER.  He isn't quite as chunky as the girls because of his length.  He is now past the newborn clothes, and well into the 0-3 sizes.  When he was born, we called him the "Grumpy Old Man" because he would wrinkle his forehead and go back to sleep as if to say "leave me alone"!   We are happy to report that Mr. Grumpy is now smiling up a storm and is loving all of the kisses and snuggles he gets from Daddy and Papa.  

Riley-Guy not happy about a flash, but Loving the attention anyway!

Thanks for stopping by again.   Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays to all of our friends and family.  (you know... just in case... )


  1. It's amazing how quickly they are growing! SO adorable!

  2. Wonderful update. I can't wait to read more about your adventures.