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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Night in the Life...

First off, yes, we are still alive to all you faithful blog followers that are wondering when the next installment of the Arizona Triplet Tales might be.   As you can imagine, we've been a bit busy.  By way of real-life example, here is exhibit #1 of why there hasn't been more posts in the last several weeks...

Saturday Night into Sunday Morning...
12:00am -   All quiet on the AZ Triplet front - everyone is sleeping
12:15am -   Riley begins to stir, and wakes up Aaron with noise on the Monitor
12:17am -   Aaron finally gets up...  Puts "binky" back in "binky hole" for Riley
12:18am -   Aaron settles back down to sleep
12:24am -   Riley has another "binky breach"
12:27am -   Aaron sees where this is headed... Maybe he is fussy because he needs a new diaper?
12:30am -   Aaron begins to change Riley's diaper....
12:32am -   Riley decides to have "explosive poop" - when Aaron has the diaper off...
12:33am -   Aaron has sh** all over his hands, and wonders how his is getting out of this mess
12:37am -   3 diapers later, Riley has been changed, and is poop free... Aaron, not so much
12:40am -   Changing table pad cover is swapped out, old one is soaking (of course it was white...)
12:45am -   Aaron decides it might as well be feeding time... 3 bottle prepared with formula
12:50am -   Riley gets fed..
01:15am -   Riley goes back to bed...
01:16am -   Aaron thinks "not so bad... I will go back to bed a while, the girls are quiet"...
01:17am -   Kelsie starts crying...
01:18am -   Kelsie gets changed... just a wet diaper, nice.... Ok, lets feed Kelsie...
01:20am -   Kelsie's feeding is underway... But oddly she isn't eating??  I know she's hungry
01:21am -   Kelsie is pooping in the fresh diaper
01:30am -   Aaron gives up feeding Kelsie - she's only taken 2oz out of 4.. spells trouble for later...
01:31am -   Kelsie goes back to bed, but before putting her down, commences pooping more..
01:32am -   Aaron is not ready to deal with another dirty diaper
01:34am -   Aaron notes that he can hear Sid snoring in the other room
01:35am -   Caitlin's bottle is prepared, and Caitlin gets changed
01:40am -   Caitlin begins eating
02:00am -   Caitlin finishes, and goes back to bed, thankfully goes right to sleep
02:01am -   Time to deal with Kelsie's diaper... yup, theres a definite load to deal with...
02:03am -   Kelsie spits up while being changed... Yes, all over the clean changing pad covers
02:05am -   Aaron gives up, and decides to simply turn the chaning pad cover over
02:07am -   Kelsie is still hungry after spitting up
02:10am -   Feeding Kelsie .... but she has now fallen asleep
02:15am -   Kelsie back to bed...
02:17am -   Cleaning 3 bottles and nipples for the next round of adventures...
02:20am -   Sid still snoring in master bedroom.... Harry the Dalmatian is now joining him
02:21am -   Aaron wonders why Sid and Harry is mocking him?
02:25am -   Aaron gets an idea for a blog entry.... first one in several weeks
02:30am -   Aaron won't be able to sleep until the blog entry is posted... begins to boot up computer...
02:45am -   Why haven't we bought a new computer... seriously, telegram would be faster...
02:50am -    Aaron begins blog entry.... and promptly realizes it is at least 1/2 hour later than he thinks
02:51am -   Oh hell, I'm not changing all of the time entries on this post....
03:21am -   Aaron wonders who will read this after its posted... will be mad if no one comments
03:23am -   Sid still snoring... Harry too... Three babies sleeping .... but for how long??
03:25am -   Aaron posts blog entry...
03:30am -   Aaron goes back to bed, thinking that Sid has a rude awakening around 5am when Aaron is snoring, and not getting out of bed, and all 3 babies are crying...
Authors note:   This is the first time that Sid hasn't been up for a round of feedings, I don't want to give anyone the idea that he isn't pulling his weight in the diaper change/feeding process....  But, at the same time, the Monitor is next to MY side of the bed for a particular reason.... World War 3 starting wouldn't wake Sid up! 

Yawn... Goodnight... (I'm already a few minutes behind)


  1. Never a dull moment at your house anymore!

  2. with the soundtrack I'm imagining in my head, this would make a great YouTube video. ;) Miss you guys - sending love to AZ, hope we get to meet the little ones soon.

  3. It's 8:40. As Aaron predicted, was up at 5am with Riley. No poopy diaper for me!! woo hoo!! Changed and fed all poopy dipaers!! Could it be Karma? hummm Three hours after finishing Riley, he was soaked...diapers changed. Paper read...I was about to clip coupons and I noticed Aaron had posted a new entry...Go retrieve my readers in the room...Aaron awakens to say ..."don't let me sleep past 9" and falls back to sleep. We do make a good team! I'll just be ready for a nap at 1pm..Maybe fall asleep during a football game. :)

  4. Seriously, I think you have the makings of a sitcom here...a funny one! Get some sleep you guys, night time is quickly approaching.

  5. Oh my gosh that's quite the night!! You two are a good team:)

  6. Aaron, you can dress as a vampire for Halloween! I'm not sure what Sid should do...maybe just wrap himself in bed sheets and go as himself.

  7. LOL! Too cute. You guys definitely have your hands full!

  8. Ah the memories u r making...or rather, they are making for you...times three!

    Cant wait to meet the little ones!


  9. OMGosh! And Tony and I were just complaining about ONE baby! LOL. Just found your blog and LOVE IT!