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Monday, May 16, 2011

By Popular Demand...

Sid and I are so happy everyone is enjoying the Blog so far.  We have to give thanks to Heidi (well, for obvious reasons...) because she makes blogging look so easy, and its been so great to follow her blog as a Surrogate mother, so we got the bug from her.   She didn't tell us how hard it was to get started though!

Anyway... as the title says "by popular demand"... While everyone has been excited to see pic's of Heidi, what we always get questions about is "when are you going to post pictures of the ultrasound"... so here are a few...   Hope you enjoy !

This picture is of "the gang", marked A (Girl), B (Boy), and C (Girl)

Baby A - Our Daughter!  Just Relaxing after a hard day!
Here is Baby B... our Baby Boy showing us some "digits"

Here is a picture of Baby C - aka "Houdini" the disappearing baby.  This was when she made her "comeback" debut... She actually WAVED at the camera (different shot that didn't scan too well)

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  1. Now, I'm even more excited! Better get to knitting really fast! You are going to be the world's best parents ever!!!