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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The ABC's of Love...

If you have been following along for a while, you know that our multiples have been "Baby A", Baby "B", and Baby "C", as we've progressed through this crazy, roller-coaster-like journey that is Gestational Surrogacy with Triplets.   As kids tend to do, they threw us a little curve-ball when they arrived, and changed up the batting order for the starting line-up last week.

Baby "A", aka Caitlin Marie,(4# 14oz, 18") was always our "Baby A", the larger of the two girls.  She is shaping up to be a natural born leader, as most first-born children usually become. 

Baby "B" was our son during pregnancy, but he got "sent down" to the little leagues, and our (former) Baby "C" took his place.   Kelsie Jeanne decided that she would be 2nd born, after almost 34 weeks of  being in the back-seat.  She is small, coming in at just 3# 11oz, and 17"; but don't count her out!  In just a few short days, she has proven in many ways that she is the stronger of the three.

Baby "C" - formerly "Little Girl Houdini" - is now our son, Riley Connor.  He appeared last, but the largest - 5# 4oz, 17".    Riley came out of the Operating Room in the best condition, but took a few steps back on his birthday.  He LOVES to be wrapped up, and under blankets (just like his Daddy!), and he is showing signs of being very independant. 

As I write this post, I am sitting in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, aka: NICU, at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.   We've had a busy few days, but have finally settled into the NICU/Hospital routine.  The staff her has been AWESOME!! Not only have they been taking care of the kids, but - as I'm sure they do all too often - they have been slowly training Daddy Aaron and Papa Sid.   So far, we are taking temperatures, and diapering.  We've began to help moving the babies, and re-positioning.  We are definitely Daddies-in-Training !

Our babies wound up being born at 33 weeks + 6 days gestation.  In the Triplet world, that is AWESOME!!   Heidi out-did herself.  We will post some details of the "main event" soon - I'm not up to that just now.  Luckily she was discharged from the hospital on Monday, and is home recouperating.   Our families were able to be here to meet our new arrivals; they've all gone home to work and school now, but will be back over the long weekend.   Otherwise, Sid and I are content to hang out in the NICU, starting into our childrens eyes, and rotating the "Daddy Time" holding schedule.

The "Team" headed to the Big Show !! Guys are dressed in "Daddy Suits"


  1. Congratulations. Fantastic sizes for your beautiful trio. Enjoy every single moment coming your way. The days and nights may seem long but the first year will FLY by!

  2. congrats guys! just totally cool and awesome!

  3. Conratulations Guys!!!!!
    We are right behind you with our G/G/B Triplets. Have family in phoenix. Maybe one day we will meet in person!
    All the Best
    JR and Jim

  4. Congratulations!! I have been wondering why Heidi was so quiet =) They look amazing and you guys look sooo happy!! Yay!!!

  5. I've been waiting for a new post (in my feed) with a pic of the babies...but I just saw the slideshows above. Quite precious! You 2 look so happy! Congrats again!

  6. Congratulations Sid and Aaron!!! The babies look awesome and I hope you all get to go home very soon!
    I know exactly how it feels to spend days and nights at the NICU as our daughter, Zoey, was just discharged last Friday after long 18 days there (born at 34 weeks 5 days). I assume you knew what to expect with preemies and all the NICU stuff...We did not expect any of that and were super stressed when we saw a cpop machine on her which luckily lasted only for a couple of days. Once we learned more about preemies, we knew that she was all ok and just had to wait for her to learn to eat well and gain weight.

    I agree,stuff at NICU is hand-picked and amazing!!! They truly care about babies and they did have the education plan for us too! This is the bright side of being at NICU - we are much more experienced and aware than if we were to spend just two days at the hospital after delivery.

    You probably know all that, but I thought I would share this just in case - we signed up for the state of az NICP program which is for babies that spend more than 5 days in NICU.

    Also, there is a Preemie Playgroup at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea every Monday. One does not have to deliver at SHC to come there, I asked them to make sure I could share this with you. We have not had a chance to check it out yet, but what I was told was that they play there, excercise, also they have nurses and sometimes doctors there to speak to the group, or watch the group and answer possible questions.

    Hope this info helps, and Congrats again!!!
    Tamara Flasher