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Monday, May 30, 2011

First visit to Sacramento ... (part 1)

Sid and I flew up to Sacramento on Wednesday 5/25 for a scheduled 20-week ultrasound on Thursday 5/26 with Heidi and the "Gang".   We got in late Wednesday, and even later by the time we grabbed a bite and checked into the hotel. 

On Thursday, we were able to sleep in a bit, get Starbucks, and do some shopping for gifts for Heidi's children.   Sid was on a mission, and we found the best presents... Star Wars toys and T-Shirts, and a Wii game.  The toys were LightSabers (One Green, one Blue) that actually light up and make sounds.   Who knew that Star Wars would be so popular so many years later?? 

We met up with Heidi, (who is looking as beautiful as ever by the way), and had some lunch, then off to the Level-2 Ultrasound at UC Davis Med Center in Sacramento.  Once we finally found where we were supposed to be (we seem to be directionally challenged when we are all together, lol)... We checked in (more insurance confusion)... and off to the "Closet" that the Ultrasound Tech's work in.   I guess they don't always expect as many people as we had (Heidi, Jeremy, Sid and Aaron), so it was cramped quarters.   For anyone thats ever been through a Level-2 Ultrasound... wow... it's detailed - measurements are taken of all of the extremeties of the baby, as well as the overall length, face, etc.  Then repeat twice over.   The whole process took 2 1/2 hours, and Heidi was such a trooper.  She was being poked and prodded, from both sides of her belly.  She did so great!

The short story, and most important thing, is that all babies are doing GREAT... They are VERY active.  Our little Baby C even peed while the Ultrasound was going on - thats how long it took!  There was a bit of a concern on the 15-week ultrasound, but thankfully this time the areas they were watching were cleared up.  All looks good!  Fingers Crossed!   Next Ultrasound in 4 weeks !

Here are some pictures from this round of Ultrasound...

Baby "A" - Our 1st Daughter at 20 weeks 

Baby "B" - Our Son at 20 weeks

Baby "C" - Our 2nd Daughter at 20 weeks

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