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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sacramento Visit ... (Part 2)

On Friday 5/27, we got a special treat... we were invited to Heidi & Jeremy's house, and were able to meet her children, some of Heidi's siblings, her Mom, and some of their Neighbors and their children.   We had an afternoon BBQ at their house... it was very relaxing and fun - well, for us anyway!  How terrible are we that we sat back and watched H & J, and their friends and family whip up a meal for us!  I guess we will have to pay  them back when they come to Arizona sometime!  We had a lot of fun meeting everyone.  As I wrote to Heidi later, it's not surprising that such wonderful people like they are would be surrounded by great people.  We've known all along that we were blessed with being matched with Heidi & Jeremy; now we were able to witness first hand some of their awesome local support system, and the love and laughter that is in their house.  Our little ones are SO lucky to be growing in such a great environment. 

During the evening H & J's kids, and the Neighbor Kids were running around, playing and having a great time, and Sid and I exchanged more than a few glances wondering "are we ready for this"... "Ready" is subjective, and we are working on that as much as we can, but "Willing" - the answer of course is "YES!".  All of the love, caring and compassion that came from all of these wonderful people (Big and Small) was overwhelming, and we can't wait to add to it and begin to shape our little Beans' lives!

Here are a few pictues of our afternoon... beginning with our Favorite !

Aaron felt a movement... Sid missed out this time

This can't be a pregnant womans favorite thing... but Heidi was really Sweet

The Kid's opening presents from Sid and Aaron

I think Sid was wanting to play with the toys as much as the boys...

Here is a shot with all of the Kids together... see the baby in the background?
They were all SOO much fun to meet and spend the afternoon and evening with!
This was during Wii "Just Dance"

Star Wars was definitely the theme of the Day!

She is still Smiling (and Standing!)

These people are so wonderful!


  1. Such great pics...such a great family of support. We are so thrilled for you guys!

  2. first of all, congrats on your journey to parenthood! it looks like you found a great surrogate with a very supportive family. i gave birth to 3 kids myself (they're a handful), but i didn't give birth to all 3 at one time. what a challenge! i'm sure it's gonna be a fun one, and you guys look like you've got this. :o) great pics, and i love the ultrasounds *sniff, sniff*. my oldest daughter is now 14, youngest is 12, and my son will be 23 in 3 days. being a parent has it's ups and downs, but it's the best thing ever! :o)

    p.s. came by way of belladaddy.

  3. Hi there! It was really so nice to meet you two. You are right about H & J - I can tell you without a doubt that your little munchkins are in good hands while they are waiting to be in yours!