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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heads Up Seven-Up ... or The Numbers Game

Hi Everyone!  I can't believe its been a few weeks since the last post.  Time seems to be going so fast these days, and the Lil' Ones aren't even here yet!  Lots of stuff has been going on... Sid went to LA last weekend to visit with family and help his Dad with an outpatient procedure.   Aaron turned 42... not normally a noteworthy event (especially after 30!), but turning 42 means that this is the year I get to meet our babies, so that is something worth looking forward to after a birthday !

On the Baby Growing front, some great things are happening.  As of today (7/28/11), we are closing out week #29, and heading into week #30 - WOW!!  Last week, Heidi had a doctor appointment where an ultrasound to check the heartbeats wound up showing some evidence that the babies were beginning to excercise their lungs - a GREAT sign.   Today, I was able to visit Sacramento for another "Level 2" ultrasound, where detailed measurements are taken of limbs, head, abdomin.   All measurements are looking good! (more on that in a second).   Heidi is looking wonderful, and in such good spirits.  I have to imagine if I had three babies bouncing on my bladder, and beating me up from inside at all hourse of the day, I would be WAY more cranky than she is... what a wonderful person she is!    Heidi and I were also able to go on a private tour of the hospital labor & delivery, as well as seeing the Nursery and NICU facilities.  It was more than a little eye-opening to hear the cries of newborns, and think that in a few weeks, our babies would be joining in the commotion!

From the Ultrasound, we found out that the Three Little Monkeys have been moving around a lot!  All three are now in Breech presentation (head-up).  The picture below shows all three heads in a row!  I wonder if they are conferring on how to get us wrapped around their little fingers as soon as possible?  (Little do they know, we are already there!)  I also can't help of them so close together like little "standing" passangers on a bus... holding on thru the bumps in the road.  Hopefully they don't "pull the cord" to get off the ride for a few more weeks still. 

A few weeks!!  EEEK !! Amazing, huh?  After almost 30 weeks post-transfer, and months before that working through the pre-arrangements (ED selection, Surrogate Match, Wiring Funds, Doctors, Lawyers, more Doctors, and More Lawyers...) we are almost at the point of having our little ones join us on the outside.  Hearing the doctor talk about plans for C-Section scheduling and other preparations kinda left Heidi and I in a little bit of a daze - we both looked at each other like "OMG...we are so close!".  

So here is the current stats and Plans....
  • We are currently at 29 weeks, 5 days gestation
    • Baby A (Girl) is measuring at 30.2 weeks - Approx 3lbs, 7 oz
    • Baby B (Boy) is measuring at 31.1 weeks - Approx 3lbs, 15oz
    • Baby C (Girl) is measuring at 28.5 weeks - Approx 2lbs, 13oz
  • In the last 4 1/2 weeks, the babies have developed approx:
    • Baby A - 5 weeks (ahead of the curve)
    • Baby B - 4 1/2 weeks (right on schedule)
    • Baby C - 4 weeks (a little behind, but still within standard development)
  • Plan is to pass 32 weeks, and stretch (sorry Heidi!) it to at least 34 weeks.  Most Triplets (90%+) are born around 32 weeks gestation. 
The Doctor called Baby B (Boy) "our little Porker" - he has had the most room, and is obviously growing well.   I was concerned with Baby C development, but the doctor wasn't given the rate of development - but I will feel much more comfortable when she is at least over 3lbs... only +3oz to go!   I sure hope all of them are at least 4lbs at birth, but time will tell ... shortly!

The Brain Trust... Literally!  Three in a Row

Heidi - Still smiling !  :-)


  1. If I was 30 weeks pregnant with triplets, I don't know if I could smile as wide as Heidi is. :) I'm glad the triplets are doing well and I hope you can reach the 32 week mark with no trouble. Congrats to all of you.

  2. Great pictures. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well. I hope things stay quiet for you for the next month!!

  3. Heidi is amazing! Keep baking babies!!!