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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Papa Bear Builds a Chair...

Things are definitely in high-gear around here these days!  Sid and I had another "marathon" Babies R'Us day on Saturday.  The plan was to just "fill in the gaps" with a "few things" we needed for when the babies come home...  3 hours, and about $1,500 later... we left with "just a few things".   There were some big purchases in the mix - a Rocking Chair, and a Video Monitor to name a few.   Luckily all of the gift cards from friends and family came in very handy, and significantly reduced the out-of-door cost for us... Thanks again everyone!

This week the nursery was painted.  We kinda gave in to the pressure of a new choice, and decided to keep the room the same colors it was (3 walls beige, and 1 dark green) - besides a profound lack of creativity in finding a nursery theme for 2 girls and 1 boy - we thought the existing colors would go well with the jungle/monkey (ie: 3 little monkies) theme we finally decided on.   Our GREAT friends, and long-time housepainters, John and Marcella, came over Tuesday and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  They are such great people!

Now the hard work... final placement of the furniture.  On the plus side, the "damaged" changing table hutch was delivered on Wednesday, and the rocking chair came in also... things are falling into place!

Here are a few pictures of Sid building the chair.  I told him that I would build the ottoman (it came put together in the box already...) if he built the chair... haha....

Harry and Sid concentrating hard...

My two "guys"... soon to get a new member of the club... Baby Boy "B"

Only a few more screws left...

Ahhh... Comfy !

We are gonna spend A LOT of time in this chair I have a feeling...


  1. I probably would have chosen to build the ottoman too. And Bill the chair. Looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming arrivals...

  2. Awww, we miss you guys and are so eager to help in every way. So Thrilled for your family!

  3. How exciting to have the nursery put together. That is so fun! :)