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Monday, June 27, 2011

June Showers bring August Diapers

Sorry for the delay in posting... lots going on these days... In the last week Aaron has dodged Tornado's in Chicago while on a business trip, and Sid battled a computer virus that we still haven't totally recovered from.... but on to more important news...

Our best friends, Jane and Cookie, were nice enough to host a Baby Shower for our Arizona friends this weekend.  Jane and Cookie worked really hard to make it a great day... even concocting special "Blue & Pink" Cosmopolitans as refreshments.  We also have to thank our good friend Amy Stonestreet for taking care of most of the food and serving dishes for the appetizers.   We are so lucky to have such great and supportive friends.

Thanks also to everyone that showed up on a VERY warm day - at 2pm when the party was getting started, the temperature outside was somewhere around 107!  Everyone was very happy to come inside and enjoy the A/C !

We have been very lucky to receive some great presents - some pictures are below.  Everything we received will definitely be used - there was nothing that we received that we think needs to be returned.  I think we have a tie for the most creative gifts... Our friends David & Vince (of BellaDaddy fame) gave us a beautiful "Onesie Bouquet" with beautiful silk flowers; and our friends Rick & Eyndiyah came up with the great idea of Onesies with the theme of "3's" ... Three Dog Night (more Sid's time than mine..haha),  Three Blind Mice,  Three Amigos, BLT... (yes, 1-Bacon, 1-Lettuce, 1-Tomato), and finally.... "3's Company"... two pink Onesies with Chrissy and Janet, and one blue with a picture of Jack.... it was just HILAROUS !  Finally... as if Jane & Cookie hadn't done enough for us already, they were so generous to gift us with not ONE but TWO!! CARSEATS!!   Jane's Sister-in-Law and Brother rounded it out with the third carseat... now we are ready to roll !!  (Good luck to the Car Seat Tech that has to secure all 3 seats in the car!).

Its just overwhelming to receive all of this love and support from our friends and family.  We just can't wait to introduce our children to all of our wonderful friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.  A special shout-out to the "Lewis Avenue Crew" (including Joe, Heather, and Sophia who recently moved) - all of our great Neighbors that came over to visit... We have the BEST neighbors in the world... (hope they will still be around after the kids   Also, thanks to the "USF Crew" (both past and present) that came to visit and share some Cosmo's!

Thanks to everyone for making it a special day that Sid and I will remember forever !

Aaron & Jane... Pink shirt, so I had to start with a Blue drink !

Sid was feeling like a kid with a Mickey T-Shirt...
but started with a Pink Cosmo to round out the "adult" side!

Diaper Bouquet... So Creative!

BLT Onesies!  Makes me hungry...

3's Company Onesies... Jack, Janet, and Chrissy... Oh My!

Yay...Everything fit in the Car !


  1. Showers are so much fun! I think I organized and re-organized our gifts countless times waiting for our babe to arrive! Have fun!

  2. Hello guys! I just found your blog. Congratulations x3! My partner and I are the parents of 3 girls born from 2 surrogates last September! A different kind of triplets but fantastic nonetheless! GOOD LUCK with all your preparations. The rewards coming your way are beyond what can be imagined!

  3. Love the sets of cute onesies. :) How creative!

  4. Yes our frineds Rick and Eyndiyah are very creative and awesome poeple. I would have never thought to do that to those onesies!! Thanks again to all our well wishers, friends, and family. And Edward, we need to pick your brain some!! :)