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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sister.... Sister....

Sid and I are so lucky to have some pretty special people in our lives.  Right at the top of the list are both of our Sisters, who this entry is dedicated to.   We hope that our kids wind up having as special of a bond as we do with our Sisters.   So, Lucy and Cinde... Thank You... for all do for us, but mostly just for being the special people that you are !

Aaron's Sister... Little Cinde-Loo-Hoo:  

       As the story goes, the first time I was going to meet my sister, I was SOOO excited.  This strange thing had been in Mom's tummy for what seemed like forever, and now it was coming home.  My Dad told me that I could hold my Sister, but only if I was in the middle of the bed, surrounded by pillows (I was only Three).   The time came, they took the bundle and put it in my lap.  I had the biggest smile (I know this from pictures taken).... and then.... the little brat peed on me!   They say I handed her back, and didn't want anything to do with her for months!   It would be decades before our relationship improved...
       Really, we did have some legen-dary fights; but between fights, we had some fun.   The thing is she was a little terror as a child - she was like the Tasmanian devil, spinning from one thing to the next - sometimes in a good mood - sometimes not, one just never knew.   Luckily she grew up...
        As we grew up, we became closer and closer, and were actually able to have conversations.  Since then, we have been to HELL and back together; we have still had some pretty notable disagreements, but we both know we will be there for each other whenever we need it.
        With the upcoming arrivals on the way, Cinde has been awesome!  She has really helped us out already, sending gifts, and clothes, and along with Sid's Sister, planning a great Baby Shower for us.    These little kids are so lucky to be coming into the world to the waiting arms of such a great Aunt !

Sid's Sister.... Hebe-Thing (aka: Lucy):

    Since this is Aaron's post, I will let Sid add some special memories of Lucy in a later post.   But I can tell you, she is a pretty special person!   I've known her for close to 15 years now, and she has to be one of the most driven people I know, but laid-back at the same time.   I know she struggled to complete college - but then after she finished her undergrad degree she just kept on going.   She recently completed her Masters in Education.  That would be amazing enough - but consider this... she did her Masters program after adopting a 9-year-old Son and while raising a pre-teen - but wait, theres more!  She also took on not one, but two sets (at different times) of boy/girl siblings as a Foster caregiver.  The kids she has now are just under 3 and 1 year old.  So, with three kids at home (two under 3), finishing up the school year as a middle-school teacher, and working on her thesis this past year, she was able to finish her Masters.  WOW... just amazing!   On the weekend of her Masters graduation, she planned our first Baby Shower (along with Cinde, and with the help of Hector, her husband).   A weekend that should have been all about her accomplishment, she shared with us.  She Rocks!!    What a great, strong, funny, and loving person our children will have with their "Tia Hebe"!! 

We can't wait to introduce our kids to these two special women.   Sid and I both know that our Sisters will be with us every step of the way, and we are looking forward to all of the new memories we will all make together !

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